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Delton Hochstedler

Delton Hochstedler

Role: Guest Speaker

Delton serves with ABBA, a Christian organization working with at-risk children in São Paulo, where he coordinates the technical team - providing counseling to families and their children and support to the direct care staff. He is also leading the development of a foster care program, few of which exist in Brazil. Delton spent his childhood in Ontario, Canada, where he enjoyed experiencing God's creativity in the great outdoors. Delton holds a certificate in Christian Ministries from Rosedale Bible College and bachelor's and master's degrees in social work from Cedarville University and The Ohio State University respectively. He is a licensed social worker in the US and Brazil. He and his wife, Fernie (who is from São Paulo) met at Cedarville and have four children, Naomi, Joshua, Kaleb and Priscilla. The Hochstedlers are missionaries through BEA Ministries.

Latest sermons by
Sunday, 01 March 2020
Passage: Mark 2:1-12
Duration: 36 mins 12 secs
It is a very famous scene - the story of the men who break through the roof of a home to lower their paralytic friend down to where Jesus was in hopes that Jesus would heal him. What does Jesus look and find in the different persons in this story? What are the priorities in His decisions? Delton Hochstedler shares from his personal experiences of struggles with a son who suffers through leukemia and cancer and from what God has been teaching through this story found in the gospel of Mark.
Sunday, 12 July 2015
Passage: Revelation 12
Duration: 37 mins 15 secs
Delton Hochstedler shares from Revelation 12 the intensification of spiritual warfare in the end-times and how the Christian church needs to be prepared for it to come.
Saturday, 25 October 2014
Passage: Exodus 3:1-15
Duration: 33 mins 40 secs
God calls us all to a mission on a global scale, to those around us wherever we are, and individually, because He has a role for each one of us inside that mission. Delton relates the encounter of God & Moses to remind us that sometimes we may face questions during our mission. When we do, we should not seek an easy out, but seek God and He will answer us and lead us along on His mission.
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