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Pr. Nathanael Fawcett

Pr. Nathanael Fawcett

Role: Lead Pastor

Nathanael & Julie Fawcett

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Sunday, 25 November 2012
The undamentals of Christianity are important for all to know. One of the primary building blocks of our faith is salvation through Jesus Christ. Pastor Nathanael shows the details of what Scripture teaches concerning this foundational principle.
Sunday, 30 September 2012
Duration: 35 mins 54 secs
A clear warning about the future should lead us to put into action our faith. Because our salvation through Christ´s sacrifice is precious, and because we are cleansed through Him and can come right before the throne of God, we can be confident that the "antidote" prescribed in Hebrews will help us persevere in our faith. The last 3 of 5 "Let us..." commands helps us focus on our relationship to others.
Sunday, 23 September 2012
Duration: 32 mins 31 secs
Pastor Nathanael continues a look at Hebrews in our call to persevere in our faith. After knowing the significance of the sacrifice Jesus made for us we can engaging our will and put our faith into practice with confidence in the promises and hope He gives. The first 2 of 5 "Let us..." commands focus on our relationship to God.
Sunday, 16 September 2012
Duration: 31 mins 47 secs
Persevering in the faith is important for all Christians. Not just starting well, but ending well too. Building on the theme of "Why is it worth persevering?" Pastor Nathanael begins this mini-series looking at the significance of the sacrifice of Jesus.
Sunday, 26 August 2012
Duration: 38 mins 24 secs
In the book of Revelation, the last letter to the 7 churches that Jesus tells John to write, we find an admonition to the Believers to repent from becoming influenced by the world and to return our focus to the true source of being Spiritually refreshing (cold) and Spiritually purifying (hot).
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