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Pr. Nathanael Fawcett

Pr. Nathanael Fawcett

Role: Lead Pastor

Nathanael & Julie Fawcett

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Sunday, 23 February 2020
Duration: 33 mins 24 secs
"Praise the Lord, my soul." These are words David uses to open his psalm, encouraging himself to glorify God. He then proceeds to list various blessings God gives to individuals and also to His chosen people corporately. Today, Pr. Nathanael Fawcett continues in Psalm 103, looking at three illustrations David uses to show how wonderful God is and why we should praise Him.
Sunday, 16 February 2020
Duration: 33 mins 38 secs
David has written a psalm in which he describes the reasons why it makes sense that we should praise the Lord. The first section of Psalm 103 seems almost like a pep talk, encouraging himself to praise. Verses 1-5 share about praising the Lord because of the blessings God gives His children as individuals. Pr. Nathanael shows how in the next verses (6-10), God reveals more of Himself as He blesses his children collectively, as a body or unit.
Sunday, 09 February 2020
Duration: 29 mins 21 secs
From an early age, children use this three-letter word question - "why?" Many times because they are curious. Many times because they don´t understand. Quite often because they don´t like the answer they just received from a parent or authority. In the same manner, we often question God about life´s events. God tells us to search Him, to ask Him, which is not a problem. But, we will have to accept His answer though. Pr. Nathanael Fawcett looks at Psalm 103 which begins with a command and then lays out an explanation for the "Why?" part.
Sunday, 02 February 2020
Series: Advent 2019
Duration: 38 mins 28 secs
The magi visited Bethlehem and many celebrate that part of the Christmas story with the feast of Epiphany. Jesus, the Christ, is being revealed to the world. God the Father is showing who this Messiah is and what His work will be. Last week in Part 1, three areas were revealed: the Kingdom of God that will be made of every people through Jesus who is the only one capable of uniting Jew and Gentile; the condition of the human heart through the lives of the magi, King Herod and the chief priests; the kind of Messiah that Jesus came to be - as King, God and also a suffering servant. Pr. Nathanael Fawcett brings out the fourth and final revelation of this account of the Epiphany... God is establishing a template for the life of a disciple.
Sunday, 26 January 2020
Series: Advent 2019
Duration: 33 mins 25 secs
The Advent season doesn´t just end with the birth of baby Jesus. There is also a feast that is held 12 days after Christmas called Epiphany to remember the visit of the magi. The term actually means "revelation." So... what was really revealed? Pr. Nathanael Fawcett looks at Matthew 2 to help us answer that question.
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