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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Are You Ready?

God uses Nehemiah and a host of other people from various backgrounds, trades, genders and ages to accomplish the task of rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. There is a lot to learn, even from a list of geneologies, of how God wants to accomplish His vision. The enemy uses a variety of lies to try and deter people from being involved making them think... "I´m not skilled enough. I´m not the right age. That´s a job for someone else. If I do that, I´ll have a terrible life." Pr. Nathanael finishes this short mini-series on Nehemiah by looking at these lies and to show that all are invited to join God in His vision - no matter the gender or age or qualification or status. Are you ready to play the part God has for you?
Duration:36 mins 17 secs
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