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Sermons in this series
Sunday, 13 October 2019
Passage: Acts 28:30-31
Duration: 42 mins 22 secs
Pr. Hélder looks at the persecution of the early church and the imprisonment of the Apostle Paul, Acts 28:30-31, to point out a focus on what missions looks like. Even though he was in prison, Paul did not stop sharing and preaching the Gospel. He spoke to those around him and those who came to visit. Missions begins where you are and ends where God wills. The content of the message is simply "Jesus." Not information about who Jesus is and was, to have an argument, but the Good News is the actual person of Jesus and a relationship with Him. The missionary challenge from the example of Paul: 1. speak boldly to everyone - have courage, because we are sent under the authority of Christ and the message has not changed; 2. pray for opportunities to spread the Gospel; 3. identify with Christ - our daily lives should reflect that we are a Christian (ie. Christian professional, Christian parent, Christian teacher, Christian athlete, etc..)
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