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Sunday, 02 February 2020
Series: Advent 2019
Duration: 38 mins 28 secs
The magi visited Bethlehem and many celebrate that part of the Christmas story with the feast of Epiphany. Jesus, the Christ, is being revealed to the world. God the Father is showing who this Messiah is and what His work will be. Last week in Part 1, three areas were revealed: the Kingdom of God that will be made of every people through Jesus who is the only one capable of uniting Jew and Gentile; the condition of the human heart through the lives of the magi, King Herod and the chief priests; the kind of Messiah that Jesus came to be - as King, God and also a suffering servant. Pr. Nathanael Fawcett brings out the fourth and final revelation of this account of the Epiphany... God is establishing a template for the life of a disciple.
Sunday, 26 January 2020
Series: Advent 2019
Duration: 33 mins 25 secs
The Advent season doesn´t just end with the birth of baby Jesus. There is also a feast that is held 12 days after Christmas called Epiphany to remember the visit of the magi. The term actually means "revelation." So... what was really revealed? Pr. Nathanael Fawcett looks at Matthew 2 to help us answer that question.
Sunday, 19 January 2020
Duration: 28 mins 49 secs
Guest speaker Pr. Ken Davis looks at the Genesis account of Noah to help us understand the parallels of the story and times of Noah and how they applied to the Israelite nation and also for us today.
Sunday, 05 January 2020
Passage: Psalms 100
Duration: 33 mins 17 secs
In general, an architect might look more at the aesthetics and beauty of a building. In contrast, a civil engineer might spend time looking at the construction and functionality. In looking at this well known Psalm, the Hebrew poet has importance in the the beauty and emotion as well as in the poem´s construction which helps focus on the deeper meaning. Pr. Nathanael helps us see the chiastic structure of Psalm 100 to see the beauty of what God is trying to teach us.
Sunday, 22 December 2019
Series: Advent 2019
Duration: 27 mins 40 secs
An anchor keeps a ship secure in harbor. It can keep the bow of an enormous ocean going vessel pointed into the waves to keep it from capsizing. Strong links in an anchor prevent ships from drifting and colliding into other objects. A ship in a harbor without an anchor can be a devastating force. In the same way, love without an anchor, is like a ship bobbing around in tidal waves of history being moved about by currents and wind. The world tries to tell what love is apart from God. However, 1 John 4:8 states that God IS love. How does God´s being and action define love? The word "love" is not present in the Christmas story, but we see it displayed from beginning to end. Pr. Nathanael returns to the basics of John 3:16 to remind us where love should be anchored.
Sunday, 15 December 2019
Passage: Luke 1:46-55
Series: Advent 2019
Duration: 36 mins 7 secs
Joy is not the same thing as happiness. It is not based upon circumstances. It is a delight in life that runs deeper than pain or pleasure. It is a quality of life and not a fleeting emotion. Can you experience joy even while grieving or suffering? The angels appeared to the shepherds saying they had GREAT joy for ALL people. So the answer is "yes." Pr. Nathanael Fawcett looks at Mary´s song, or magnificat, to better understand "joy" and how to have it.
Sunday, 08 December 2019
Passage: Isaiah 9:2-7
Series: Advent 2019
Duration: 33 mins 20 secs
Clack – Clack – Clack - Clack… A broken wheel makes the entire grocery cart noisy and shacky. A little part of the wheel missing or damaged causes a lot of ruckus in the store, for the one pushing and for those around it. What can help make this grocery cart more peaceful? What can make our lives more peaceful? Pr. Nathanael looks at Scripture to better understand this term we often use a Christmas – Peace.
Sunday, 01 December 2019
Passage: Luke 1:67-79
Series: Advent 2019
Duration: 36 mins 58 secs
The prophet Isaiah helped communicate God´s messages to the people of Israel. At that time, God told Isaiah that Israel would be taken into exile as a form of discipline. In His messages of coming judgement and doom, there was always a balance with prophetic announcement of hope that after the exile would come a period of new, glorious and amazing hope. This hope included a new king, a new Jerusalem, and a new purity of heart. Pr. Nathanael looks through Scripture, especially Isaiah 9, to draw the analogy for Believers today who are living in this world which is not our home, but looking forward to the future hope that God promises.
Sunday, 24 November 2019
Passage: Psalms 16
Duration: 35 mins 33 secs
Security and Pleasure – two desires that drive much of humanity´s choices and decisions. These two pursuits often overlap. Scripture does speak to both. One passage that refers to both is Psalm 16, where David weaves the two together. It is a poetic expression of worship where he calls upon the people of God to make five specific and distinct choices regarding their pleasure and their security. Join Pr. Nathanael Fawcett as he expounds on the Word of God concerning these topics.
Sunday, 17 November 2019
Passage: Psalms 73
Duration: 41 mins 36 secs
People often insist that what they experience in the world through their five senses is the entire truth, defining ultimate reality. However, as humans, we are limited in our perspective. Our senses do not encompass everything. We therefore need someone who is greater than us, with full perspective over everything, to speak truth to us. What happens when our senses seem to go contrary to what God says? Pr. Nathanael Fawcett answers this question through the poetic words of Asaph found in Psalm 73.
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