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Sunday, 10 June 2018
Duration: 37 mins 24 secs
The Israelites, wandering through the desert, have encountered the Amalekites a military strength in the region. God brought victory to His people in His time, through His way, through obedience, through prayer and through perseverance. It was a victory for everyone of the Israelites, no matter what role that performed, and its effects where for that moment and for the future. Looking at these principles, how does God bring spiritual victory to His people today?
Sunday, 03 June 2018
Duration: 33 mins 23 secs
The children of Israel, as they travel through the wilderness, have had various needs. God has provided water and food. Now they come against enemies over which they are not prepared to battle. Who are these enemies? How does God bring them victory? Who or what are our enemies today? Can God give us victory of them?
Sunday, 27 May 2018
Passage: Exodus 17:1-7
Duration: 40 mins 50 secs
In our human minds, needs bring us calamity, anxiety, sometimes pain. But God allows the need in order to build a heart attitude which He desires - a trust in Him that brings us freedom to rest.
Sunday, 20 May 2018
Duration: 42 mins 47 secs
God continues to lead the children of Israel into periods of need in order to keep them depending on His provision. It is not always easy to go through need, but God allows it to show that He is faithful to provide for every need that is basic to life.
Sunday, 13 May 2018
Duration: 32 mins 18 secs
The new nation of Israel is being led by the Lord. One way in which the Lord shows Himself to them is by allowing them to go through a basic need in order that He might provide for them.
Sunday, 06 May 2018
Duration: 29 mins 52 secs
The Israelites are now children of God and see Him perform a miraculous event of saving them from Pharoah´s army as they crossed the Red Sea on dry land. Moses and the leaders are filled with thankfulness for this event.
Sunday, 22 April 2018
Duration: 41 mins 15 secs
Parents will allow children to go through pain or suffering in order to learn a specific lesson - especially if they tend not to follow instructions. Israel now has a new identity - Children of God. As a caring father, God cares for His children and for our eternal well-being.
Sunday, 15 April 2018
Duration: 35 mins 4 secs
Israel from one moment to the next has found themselves in a new identity - no longer slaves, and now the chosen nation of God. But this process from the moment they begin to leave Egypt, takes years for them to assimilate. What does it mean to be "Children of God?"
Sunday, 08 April 2018
Duration: 39 mins 24 secs
God has finally given freedom to the Israelites with a climax of the last plague and Pharaoh and the Egyptians urge them to leave. What a high point of the story. Then God through Moses makes us take a step back, it seems, to look again at the Passover. This review, though, gives us a bigger picture of the purpose of this celebration - what it helps the Hebrew nation remember, and how it forshadows the cross, which Christians today celebrate through communion, the Lord´s Supper.
Sunday, 25 March 2018
Dreams... Goals... Desires... Plans... We all have them. The people of Israel had expectations for their future king and messiah. "Hosanna," they shouted as Jesus rode into Jerusalem, meaning, "Save us now!". What do you think the disciples were thinking as they saw Jesus at work and ministering to people around Him? What happens when things don´t go as you wanted? Do our aspirations fall in line with God´s? What do you expect Him to do for you... for others... for the world? What are our priorities? What do you expect form Jesus?
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