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Sunday, 01 May 2016
Passage: 2 John
Duration: 34 mins 44 secs
The world promotes the idea that love is the answer to world problems. But what is the definition of love? Can true love be just a feeling that exists on it´s own?
Sunday, 24 April 2016
Passage: 2 John
Duration: 33 mins 50 secs
The Apostle John wrote a little group of letters to help clarify some ongoing problems. Pr. Nathanael starts a series to see what we can learn from these letters.
Sunday, 17 April 2016
Series: Ephesians
Duration: 30 mins 30 secs
What is the "formula" for being filled with the Spirit? Is there one?
Sunday, 10 April 2016
Series: Ephesians
Duration: 30 mins 37 secs
The way to live according to God´s Word is to live by the Spirit. What does that mean? How do we become filled with the Spirit?
Sunday, 03 April 2016
Series: Ephesians
Duration: 34 mins 35 secs
How should we live, if we are to be a light and witness to the world around us?
Sunday, 27 March 2016
Passage: Mark 16:1-20
Duration: 28 mins 27 secs
The man who ran from the soldiers in the garden and denied Christ is found in Acts being the leader of the church. What happened to Peter? What is the answer to discipleship failure? The transformation of Peter shows us the true power of Jesus, and the hope that the resurrection gives to us today.
Sunday, 20 March 2016
Passage: Mark 15:1-20
Duration: 32 mins 41 secs
Sometimes we are faced with having to make a choice between two options. What makes us chose one over the other? What if one is of much greater value than the other? Unfortunately, there are times when one may chose to exchange something of greater value, for something of lesser value. Sound foolish? Pr. Nathanael Fawcett evaluates the attitudes behind four examples found in the continuing study of the Gospel of Mark.
Sunday, 13 March 2016
Passage: Mark 14:53-72
Duration: 36 mins 34 secs
How do we identify ourselves? Who do we identify ourselves with? The question of identifying with Christ is going to become more and more a pressing question to the Christian. Once again, discipleship failure in the Gospel of Mark contrasts this question in the light of Peter and Jesus himself.
Sunday, 06 March 2016
Series: Ephesians
Duration: 28 mins 43 secs
God calls us to follow His example. One of those ways is to be light - not just live in the light, but to be light. What does living as light consist of? What are the characteristics of light we should show? Does light expel and take over darkness? How does one change from a life characterized by darkness?
Sunday, 28 February 2016
Series: Ephesians
Duration: 31 mins 17 secs
Complete trust in someone can only really come when we have spent time with them, built a relationship with them. Can we trust the Lord with what He says? Can we trust Him to completely guide our lives? Continuing in a relationship with Jesus will also affect the way we behave and live.
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