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Sunday, 23 August 2015
Passage: Mark 11:1-21
Duration: 42 mins 27 secs
Warning signs are meant to be heeded. If not, there can be consequences. When Jesus enteres the temple area, we are shown strong warnings to Israel. What are the applications to us today?
Sunday, 16 August 2015
Passage: Mark 10:46-52
Duration: 35 mins 21 secs
The healing of a blind man by Jesus raises some great questions about what true faith is and about the healing power of Christ today.
Sunday, 09 August 2015
Passage: Mark 10:32-45
Duration: 36 mins 32 secs
Two disciples asked Jesus for a favor - to let them be in positions of greatness in heaven. Jesus´ reply gives us insight into our human flaws and into what being a disciple of Christ and what true greatness really means.
Sunday, 02 August 2015
Series: Ephesians
Duration: 39 mins 4 secs
Paul finishes up chapter 4 of Ephesians with a segment on how Christians should live. There are attitudes that God wants us to deal with and live with self-control. Sometimes we try and keep them in a closet, but they show up from time to time. How do we get rid of anger, or keep from malice? How can we truly forgive?
Sunday, 26 July 2015
Passage: Luke 15:1-32
Duration: 47 mins 30 secs
Pr. Dale Downs shares from personal experiences and looks at Luke 15 to help us understand more about God´s perspective on our "being lost" and what our response to "being found" should be.
Sunday, 19 July 2015
Series: Ephesians
Duration: 33 mins 15 secs
The Apostle Paul shows that living as a Christian should affect many areas of our life, even our speech. Pr. Bill continues the series through the book of Ephesians.
Sunday, 12 July 2015
Passage: Revelation 12
Duration: 37 mins 15 secs
Delton Hochstedler shares from Revelation 12 the intensification of spiritual warfare in the end-times and how the Christian church needs to be prepared for it to come.
Sunday, 05 July 2015
Series: Ephesians
Duration: 32 mins 20 secs
Paul reminds the Ephesians of the importance of living differently from the gentile, to consider that we are stewards of what God has given us, and that everything actually belongs to Him. How does that apply to us today? What about giving and tithing?
Sunday, 28 June 2015
Series: Ephesians
Duration: 44 mins
An act of anger is not necessarily sinful - God shows moments of anger as did Jesus Christ. But as humans, our tendency in demonstrating anger usually conflicts with our Christian witness. Pastor Bill shares personal testimonies of dealing with the issue of anger.
Sunday, 21 June 2015
Series: Ephesians
Duration: 31 mins 27 secs
Paul tells us to put off all falsehood. Practically speaking, that is more than just not telling a lie. Honesty, as a characteristic of God, includes other areas of our life.
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